Lian Pu Review: Chinese Express Restaurant, Edinburgh

Hello, this is my second food review on my blog. I currently live in Edinburgh, but I’m actually from Thailand.

During the time I live here, I want to review some affordable and delicious restaurant for reference in case anyone interested!


This time at Lian Pu Oriental Express Restaurant on Marshall Street. A Newly opened restaurant (early this year) which offer a variety of bubble tea!

It sounds very exciting and many people are talking about this restaurant and said it is very good. The website is

The restaurant is very near the university and is a very convenient location.


Restaurant Appearance


photo 1



photo 2



Lian Pu is like what we called a Food Court or Food Hall theme in Asia. Simply choose a place to sit and then order.

This restaurant offer a self service by getting yourself cutlery, napkins and place your order at the till.


photo 3 (1)

Bentou Box – Crispy Wonton, Chicken in Szechuan style and Fried rice £8.00


Appetiser (6.2/10)

I ordered a Bentou box so appetiser is included. This time, Crispy Wontons (Shrimp) with sauce.

Their Wontons are indeed crispy and quite tasty! However the size is very small comparing to the promoting picture. The sauce taste like a mixture of ketchup and plum but diluted.

I also tried Mini Spring Rolls. They taste quite soft and not too crispy. A little too moist in my opinion but isn’t bad overall.


The Main dish  (5.5/10)

There sure are a variety of food to choose from. My choice is Chicken in Szechuan Style. The staffs suggested that the sauce is spicy but it isn’t spicy at all (at least for me). My friend ordered a Black Bean Sauce which shouldn’t be spicy but it is more spicy than their Szechuan sauce.

The chicken I ordered is quite tender which I really like, but the sauce lack taste. I also tried Sweet and Sour King Prawn and the sauce is not sour and not sweet. I guess the menus are made Westernised which is not a good thing in my opinion.


The food came in a big portion which satisfied my hunger very well. I’m totally full after the meal.


Drinks (5.5/10)

There are a lot of drinks to choose from. From soft drinks, juices, hot drinks and different kind of teas/fruit drinks with bubble/jelly.

I ordered Bubble Milk Tea (£2.80 ). It is a little disappointing (as people said their bubble tea is good!). The milk tea is very diluted, it doesn’t have a lot of aroma and lack taste (not sweet and not creamy). The bubbles itself is not well-cooked (or boiled), they are quite hard but not sticky which make the whole drink become disappointing.

I’m not a bubble milk tea expert but I drink them nearly every week in Thailand (from many different shop depending on where I go).

Maybe other kind of drinks are better but I and my friends are just unlucky.


Customer Service 

I cannot judge this because it is largely an express and self-service restaurant but the staffs are kind of willing to help explain things to you.

During the time I eat there, the restaurant was doing a photo-shoot of their food which make it really annoying. The camera flash every 1 minutes or so and my friend got a headache because of that.



Overall Score 5.7/10

If you are looking for a quick Chinese meal with some bubble tea, I recommended you to this shop! It is also perfect for people who just finish their lecture in George Square area.

I and my friends might happen to go there at a wrong time and many things are kind of disappointing.

I also had a severe diarrhoea and food poisoning that night but I’m not entirely sure if it is because of the food there.

This is entirely my own view on this restaurant and I don’t want to discourage you from trying the food there. You might like it!


I hope my English wasn’t too bad, thank you all for reading!




Cafe Andamiro Review: Korean-Japanese Fusion Restaurant in Edinburgh

This is my first food review blog. I currently live in Edinburgh, but I’m actually from Thailand.

During the time I live here, I want to review some affordable and delicious restaurant for reference in case anyone interested!


My first review is for Cafe Andamiro, a new Japanese-Korean fusion cafe/restaurant located on the Buccleuch Street. When I was a fresher, I always questioned why Edinburgh doesn’t have this kind of cafe-restaurant where you can eat whenever you want (as in Thailand, so many of these are around).


I have been there around 4-5 times, mostly to eat their cakes! but there are also many other choices of food. The menu can be found on their website

As they opened for less than a year, not many food choices are available just yet, but they are constantly adding more and more choice.

They have a combination of Japanese and Korean food, so you can either eat Japanese or Korean food in the same restaurant!


Starting with Appetiser (6.5/10)  

I can’t really say much about appetisers because I’m not a big fan of appetisers (most Thais don’t eat appetiser before their main)

Salmon Nigiri Sushi & California roll set £6.99 


I wouldn’t say their sushi are perfect, but they can satisfy your sushi craving!
They also put wasabi under the salmon.


The Main dish  (6.5/10)

Many of their main dish serve as a bentou and I like the idea

Jeyuk- Bokkeum  £6.99



This is my favourite dish. The pork is very well seasoned but they are a little too dry in my opinion.

I love their salad dressing and the smoked salmon they provided. The appetiser (?) they put on the top left part of the box sometimes change and I love to try new things every time I go to the restaurant!

Seafood Yakisoba £6.99



This is not the same as the Yakisoba I ever eaten in Thailand and Japan, can taste similar to ones in Wakamama here.

I’m not that fancy of this, not really my taste. The noodle is quite dry and you can get a strong taste of pickle ginger (I believe they use pickle ginger sauce to cook the noodles?). It is somewhat delicious, it is just not my style though.

The Yakisoba comes in a big portion and you will sure be full after this dish!


Chicken Teriyaki £7.99

I lost my photo of this dish. Again, this is not the same as any Chicken Teriyaki I ever eaten in Thailand and Japan.

It is more like stir fried chicken with ginger. The taste is quite nice, very tender chicken but not my opinion of chicken teriyaki.


To sum up the main dish, I would say I’m not a fan of their main dish. Some of my friends love the main dish, I think it just depends on people taste.


The Dessert  (8.5/10)

Oh my God, I truly love their dessert! My favourite place for dessert in Edinburgh so far!

The reason I gave them 8.5 but not 9 is because the taste/touch of some dessert is not very consistent.

photo (1)

We are 4 people and eat all this after a main dish!

Green Tea Roll £2.50 (lower left)

My favourite roll cake so far! The cake is very soft with green tea aroma. The cream is very fresh, with some sweetness. The fruits inside the cream are very fresh and goes very well with the cake!

This roll cake taste is not very consistent. I always love the taste but sometimes the cake bit can be chewy, sometimes soft. The cream is also sometimes a little too sweet and sometimes just right.


Strawberry Roll £2.50 (top left)

I also love this roll cake, I tried it only once because this menu is recently added. I love the cake bit so much, it is full of strawberry aroma (not really strawberry taste, but very strong smell of strawberry <3).

The strawberry in the middle is huge and not sour, goes very well with everything!


Deluxe Chocolate Roll £2.75 (top right)

Again, a very nice cake roll with strong taste of chocolate, great for chocolate lovers. However, I prefer green tea roll and strawberry roll over this one (and same with most of my friends). There is a chewy chocolate layer on top of the cake which make the roll special. I love this idea very much.


Macaroon £0.90 each, 6 piece for £5

Many macaroon flavour to choose from (green tea, vanilla, raspberry, mocha etc etc, also some japanese flavour I never heard before!)

Their macaroon are lovely, but I cannot sense that strong aroma/taste from different flavour. I cannot distinguish some flavour from another (for example strawberry and raspberry).

Their macaroon are also not very consistent, sometimes dry and sometimes very moist, but they all taste great!


Green Tea Tiramisu £2.75 (The middle)

I really love this one as well. It has green tea flavour with a hint of cream cheese and yoghurt! So this means a little sour and creamy together. It is a perfect combination!

There is a coffee flavour at the bottom (cake layer?) I personally don’t like coffee, but it goes very well with the rest!



Drinks (8/10)

I haven’t tried most of their drinks, but based on my friend’s opinion as well as mine, I give them 8/10

Japanese Green Tea Latte £2.5

I can never find any matcha latte in Edinburgh, until this cafe introduced one!

I assumed that Scottish people don’t really like green tea, but Asians love them!

This green tea taste very nice, very strong matcha taste and creamy ❤


Customer Service (6.5/10)

I have to say I’m not too satisfied with the customer service. They are ok but sometimes a little confusing (the billing and ordering process).

They have around 2 staffs and they are usually busy all the time, so it is hard to call them when I need to.



My overall score for this restaurant is 7/10. I don’t mind their food, but love their desserts and drinks!

If anyone looking to eat Korean and Japanese food together, I recommended this restaurant! And don’t forget their desserts!

The price is very good as well, there is a bowl of Ramen for only £4.99!! and also taste great!

I hope my English is not too bad, thank you all for reading!